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Why Pay Cash When You Can Barter?

By Ardell Taykowski

STLBarterHave you ever traded something you had for something you needed?
That’s the idea behind barter, and Absolute Barter Company can help you do that. ABC is a barter network of several hundred locally owned businesses who know the value of trading what they have for what they need or want. When you join ABC, you’ll trade within a network of like-minded business owners who love to save money. Absolute Barter Company is locally owned and has been in business for 8 years.

In addition, we are affiliated with thousands of other barter exchanges worldwide, making it affordable to vacation almost anywhere! Here’s how it works: When you sell your product or service through the barter network, you earn barter dollars at retail value, dollar for dollar (just like cash business, without discounts). When you purchase the things you need and want with your earned barter dollars, you are purchasing everything with your “wholesale” dollar…leaving your “cash profit” in your bank account. I know you are thinking…”What? Say that again!”

Let me explain the benefit of barter, using a typical business transaction….

Let’s say that you own a restaurant and your “out-of-pocket cost” for $100.00 of food and drink at menu prices, is roughly $35.00 wholesale. In the cash world, you deposited that $100.00 in the bank and your profit for that sale was $65.00. Now let’s say you need your restaurant carpets cleaned and the bill from your local carpet cleaning company is (to keep numbers simple) $100.00.

Like most of your business expenses, you either wrote a check or put the charge on your debit or credit card. The entire profit on that $100.00 food and drink sale just went to clean your carpets.

Now, let’s look at doing this same transaction – but using ABC’s barter network! You will contact one of our carpet cleaning companies to come and do the same job, at the same price: $100.00. So let’s look at the benefits of barter!

ABC sent you new business from our network who came in to your restaurant and ate $100.00 worth of food and drink at menu prices. Your “out-of-pocket” cost for their meal was $35.00 but earned $100.00 in barter credits for you. These credits are deposited into your barter account. The carpet cleaner from the barter network cleans your carpets. They then invoice your ABC barter account for $100.00 in barter credits, which is deducted from your account.

The benefit to you and your business? Cleaning the carpets only cost $35.00 cash (wholesale cost of the food) to earn $100.00 in barter credits. You’ve only spent $35.00 instead of $100.00 to get your carpets cleaned AND you’re keeping more of your cash profits!

To learn more, visit www.absolutebarter.com or
call 636-410-9393

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