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The TOP 5 Signs Your Headache or Migraine

Pain Can Be Relieved Naturally
and how to avoid being taken for a ride!

By Dr. Matthew Flory

You can find gobs of articles plastered across media and the web about headaches. They are usually jammed in between offers for nearly useless products (for just 3 easy payments of $19.99) or a list of doctors whom no one that created the website has ever met ? but are, for some reason, willing to recommend to you!Headache and Migraine Relived Naturally - St. Louis Health and Wellness Magazine

Repeatedly you find yourself personally identifying with their discussions of various headaches and the stress they cause long enough to purchase their product (this is great advertising on their part). Alas, you often find yourself agreeing with and relating to what you read and they succeed in making you believe their product will work for you, without meeting you or providing any information about determining the cause of your headaches.

So my goal in the next few moments is to provide useful information that applies to your health ? signs you can identify in yourself or others. The key is to educate yourself before taking action and to realize that there are natural treatments for headache relief.

Spinal Care St. Louis - Health and Wellness Magazine?It?s fine ? after my (soda, donut, morning coffee, candy bar, lunch, etc.)!?
Headaches which respond to food, caffeine and other common ingestible substances are at least partially related to digestion and metabolism. They could be caused by inflammation due to an allergy, poor blood-sugar control or even imbalanced hormones that regulate digestion, metabolism and stress levels. All of which can be improved once specifically identified.

You have options to help determine if you have food allergies (also called intolerance or sensitivity). There is the ?cheap and easy? method (which also takes longer), The Elimination Diet, in which you avoid individual foods for a week or ten days, chart your daily food intake and record how you feel. You can also have a very specific blood test performed to test tolerance to hundreds of foods and common household substances. Unfortunately, sometimes even healthy foods can cause inflammation. The reasons why are numerous today with pesticides, genetic modification and preservatives commonplace.

Spinal Care St. Louis - Health and Wellness Magazine ?My head is tilted on my driver?s license (and most family pictures).?

This is an obvious sign that is most often correctable. Sometimes even your spouse can see that your shoulders or head have a tendency to tilt or turn. When muscle spasm occurs consistently and tilts your head and/or shoulders while you are trying to be at rest ? you won?t feel good!

If you?ve had a couple massages or cornered your spouse into neck rubs and the pain keeps returning ? YOU HAVE NOT FIXED THE PROBLEM! At this point you have to consider that nerves, which control various muscles, are likely the real cause. In this case treating only your muscles is nothing more than a high-priced aspirin. A nerve system evaluation should be what your doctor or therapist recommends for you.

Spinal Care St. Louis - Health and Wellness Magazine?I only get headaches when my sinuses act up.?

So … That doesn?t mean you can?t do something about them. If you have bad sinus problems then what you really have are bad INFLAMMATION & CONGESTION problems! Our body?s greatest way of handling foreign substances we eat, drink or breathe is through our liver, which acts as a filter. However, it can only filter so much!

If your liver is already overloaded, then your body produces large quantities of inflammation to isolate unwanted materials. It may produce respiratory and/or digestive inflammation. When you clean your liver (filter) by detoxification it does a better job of processing materials that clog you up, which means you feel better!

Spinal Care St. Louis - Health and Wellness Magazine ?I feel like I have to hold my head up.?

How long could you hold a bowling ball stuck-up on a broom handle? Would it be easier to hold the ball straight above you or with the handle tilted out in front? Just as your arms would get very tired, the muscles attaching your head to your body get very tired and sore when your posture is tilted.

We often find ourselves walking down the street with a slight limp or sitting in our chair slightly stooped over ? it happens all the time. To us those seem like little day to day things but when day to day becomes 14 days, 30 days, 120 days ? little things add up.

Spinal Care St. Louis - Health and Wellness Magazine?I just always have had them.?

A surprising concept some people have is they get ?normal headaches,? like it is something that everybody gets. This is seldom true, as migraines and head pain are serious signs something is wrong. If many people get headaches, that?s most likely because many people have something wrong. However, we?re well trained by media and advertising to immediately reach for a medicine bottle and cover up signs until we don?t notice them anymore.

This statement is most surprising because it sounds helpless. I assume that if something can be done to FIX your headaches that you would likely choose to do it. This brings us back to the opening comments. Maybe you have tried one, two or more different treatments in the past ? but have they FIXED THE CAUSE? Probably not. Luckily for you having headaches this consistently means there is often more than one system involved. After a trained professional helps you identify the cause(s) even minor improvement can show significant relief.

Following are details which give doctors clues to help identify the origin of your problem.

Dr. Matt Flory - Spinal Care St. Louis Dr. Matthew Flory practices at Delta Spinal Care, a Holistic Health & Wellness clinic located in Clayton, MO. The doctors and staff are committed to offering cutting-edge diagnostics and services intended to remove interferences from the physical and biochemical function of the body in an effort to support your body healing itself. You can contact Dr. Flory or any of the staff with further questions at

Tension Headache– the most common type to accompany poor postural signs. They commonly start in the back of the head, the jaw or at the base of the skull, and progress around the head like a hat. Tension headaches are often related to muscle tension and trigger points in neck. But trigger points don?t just magically appear. Reoccurring tension headaches need examination to determine whether simple changes to daily work or home activities will address the cause or if postural correction is needed.

Migraine– a true migraine often begins with various visual changes like tunnel vision. They can be on one or both sides of your head. Migraines can last from 4-72 hours, and are often associated with nausea. Severe migraines should be thoroughly evaluated by a doctor to rule out dangerous, life threatening causes. Many professionals have success in helping migraine sufferers by improving the function of their gastrointestinal system especially when headaches seem related with food.

Cluster Headache– abrupt and severe headaches that usually occur 1-3 times a day over a 1-2 month period. It usually feels like a stabbing pain over one eye. If you have sharp severe headaches, please see a medical professional to rule out threatening conditions, especially if they don?t respond to normal methods of care.

Hypertensive Headache– pulsating headaches typically beginning in the morning and subsiding over the day. They are associated with high blood pressure, overweight, stress, lack of exercise, and a high salt diet all which can be improved.

Sinus Headache– usually over forehead and cheeks, and originates from swollen sinuses and pressure. Detoxification of your body?s filtering organs usually offers tremendous relief.

Treatment varies depending on which type of headache you are suffering from. Many require body chemistry changes accomplished holistically by diet, whole food supplements or detoxification. In order to achieve lasting relief, it is imperative to determine the cause of your headaches. Of the types listed, tension headaches respond best to postural correction.

I prefer to see gentle postural corrections and organic supplements used.

When you are trying to relax your body it doesn?t make much sense to use force or stress to achieve that. Once the cause of the headaches is determined, it is easy to proceed with a treatment plan.

We use NUCCA, specific soft tissue techniques, detoxification methods, organic whole-food supplements and/or dietary changes in our office to provide a holistic approach to soothing the causes of headache and migraine pain.

For more information on headache types, causes, and natural treatments please contact us at (314) 725-3358.

Stop suffering and start enjoying more headache-free days!

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