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Take your Life BACK from Spinal Arthritis

New Technology to Repair Damage and Degeneration of the Spine

Take your Life BACK  from Spinal ArthritisThe spine is a part of our bodies that many of us take for granted. Until we experience pain or have problems getting out of bed, we go through our lives using and abusing our spine. Once you experience pain in your back or neck, you realize all the things that you need your spine for. When sitting, standing or walking are unbearable after a few minutes. You can’t sleep because of the discomfort, or basic household chores become difficult. The pain can even start to radiate outward and you feel pain down your legs or arms or even in your knees or hips.

When this happens, we turn to the over-the-counter pain relievers, ice packs, heating pads, creams, anything that might make it feel better. If these don’t work we might go to our primary doctor who gives us muscle relaxers or stronger pain relievers or tells us that it’s just arthritis and we must live with the pain. Maybe we go to a chiropractor who adjusts us and it feels better for a little while or it gets even worse. We try to exercise to make our backs stronger. When we finally make it to a doctor that sends us for x-rays or MRIs, they tell us physical therapy or worse, surgery.

So, what is really going on? Do we really have to live with pain? How can we avoid the knife? How do we know what is right for us?

As we age, the discs in our spine naturally lose hydration and begin to shrink, which means less cushion and flexibility and we start to get shorter. This process is gradual over the course of our lives, but accidents or injuries can speed this process up. The ligaments that connect the vertebrae together become looser, the joints begin to move more than they are meant to and the spine starts to degenerate faster than normal. If the height of the discs decreases enough, bone spurs can form and nerves can become pinched by that spurring or by disc material that has bulged or herniated.

Pinched nerves can cause several problems depending on where they are located within the spine and what nerve is being pinched. From pain referring into the knee to bladder incontinence, pinched nerves can create many problems that we don’t even realize are connected to our back.

New technology has now given us the ability to reduce arthritis, strengthen ligaments, decrease pain, restore normal mobility, repair damaged discs and so much more. Our bodies can heal themselves if we give them the right environment and building blocks to do so, but since there is no blood supply to the spine to deliver the healing elements where they are needed; healing can’t occur without some assistance. Even gravity is a force against our bodies’ amazing ability to repair damage.

With the right information, the doctors at Advanced Orthopedic Solutions can find out what’s really causing your pain. The proper imaging and exams can tell the story of what you are going through, and knowing the cause of your pain allows the doctors to determine what is the best treatment for you.

Our office specializes in regenerative treatments that can help repair damage to the spine and other joints. These are non-surgical alternatives for anyone that wants to avoid surgery or those that aren’t candidates for surgery that don’t know where to turn but want to be out of pain.

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