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Personal Kryptonite

www.sunrisefamily.orgHave you ever felt that your current personal life is preventing you from taking advantage of some of your greatest strengths? Are you aware of what makes you feel weak or brings you down?

If you ever read Superman as a kid, or saw one of his movies, you probably remember that his only weakness was Kryptonite. It drained Superman of all his powers.

This is what sin can do to us. It can zap our strength and shrink our faith.

Some people struggle with worry, finances, or addictions. For others it might be controlling anger or resisting gossip. Maybe it’s online idolatry as we waste time envying others on social media sites. The list could go on and on….

Regardless of our own personal Kryptonite, we don’t have to be a superhero to overcome it.

The love of God and our relationship with Him cannot be taken from us. But we can choose to give up by allowing our own human weaknesses to take away our spiritual strength. And if we are not careful, it can destroy us. Every human being that has ever been born suffers from some sort of their own personal Kryptonite. It is the one thing that always leads to the question, “How do I always end up here Lord?” The Israelites suffered from the same thing and were left to wander in circles in the wilderness for years due to their disobedience to God.

Our weakness ended on the cross but it can’t stop your humanness from giving away your strength in exchange for mundane life. When this weakness happens, we must root out these sins and submerge ourselves in the service to God.

God is our source of strength no matter what temptation comes our way. When you are weak, He is strong.

We invite you to join us for our new sermon series Kryptonite beginning January 6th and 7th at either of our church campuses or online @ sunrisefamily.org.

“With God’s help, you have the power to separate yourself from your own personal Kryptonite, conquer it, and take action to disintegrate it.”

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