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Is There Such A Thing As Christian Etiquette On Social Media?

By Christy Parks

Christian Etiquette On Social MediaDo you have mixed feelings about social media as a Christian? It can be a blessing for cultivating new relationships, establishing new business opportunities, or reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances. But sometimes when we are scrolling through our newsfeeds, we can feel disappointed, embarrassed and even shocked by some of the things we see.

So what is the proper ?social media? etiquette for Christians?? It?s not a clear cut answer, but here are a few simple guidelines to maybe answer some of your questions and frustrations.

Self-evaluation –
Look at your profile on your social media sites. If you proudly identify yourself as a Christian, then make sure the rest of what you post is consistent with that statement.

Think before you post –
The rules of the tongue apply to the keyboard as well.? Give care that what you say is true and avoid gossip.
For example: If you are unhappy about your marriage, get off Facebook and work on your marriage. Don?t post about it!

A picture can say 1000 words –
If you post an inappropriate picture, it can damage your profession and it does not glorify Christ.

Be Kind –
Sometimes people express a light hearted opinion only to be met with harsh and judgmental words. If you have something to say, go to that individual and don?t take your problem public.

Use Social Media for good –
Speak of your faith often and encourage others. People will tend to follow your lead.

To sum this all up, the Bible says that the world will know we belong to Christ by our LOVE for one another and we are shooting ourselves (and the gospel) in the foot with our slander and unnecessary opinions. If we are not posting in love and kindness with a spirit that longs for unity in a not so perfect world, then we are not seeking to encourage or uplift one another.? Perhaps it?s time to power down your device and open up the ULTIMATE tool for social media ? The Bible.

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