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FRIENDS MAKE All the Difference

FRIENDS MAKE All the DifferenceAs a staff member and Youth Director at a local church, it may be hard to believe that sometimes I simply do not want to go to church, even though I know it always starts my week off right. This isn’t a condemnation against my pastor, or against our worship leader, nor is this a reflection of our children’s or youth ministries.

In fact, it’s because I am a human being. And I am not always enticed by the idea of waking up on Sunday morning, wrestling the kids out the door, getting the dog in her kennel, inevitably leaving late, and entering the worship service halfway through the second song. Some weeks it just seems like an obligation for me to fulfill, which is the same way many of our teens feel about coming to youth group.

It’s ironic that this article is about health and wellness, because the same holds true regarding exercise. Overall, I enjoy working out. I like to run, lift weights, and I try to eat healthy. But again, if I’m honest, some days I just really don’t want to get my heart rate up even though I know it’s good for me. Skipping a trip to the gym, or a few miles on the trail, always sounds like a good idea until afterwards, when I feel like I wasted an opportunity to use my time wisely. It’s on days like those that I am so glad to have friends who like to run with me. I have some self-discipline when it comes to running. But since I set a goal with my friends, it is what keeps me motivated when I can’t find it within myself.

I believe this idea of an accountability partner is the same push that many of us, including our teens, need when it comes to our spiritual health and wellness. The number one reason teens don’t go to youth group is that they “don’t know anybody”. If we can encourage them to grab some friends to go each week, make it a night to blow off some steam and have fun, and take the guilt aspect out of it, then they will begin to realize that youth group is an opportunity to use their time wisely growing new friendships and engaging with their faith, and not just an obligation to fulfill.


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