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Don’t Underestimate The Power of Advertising!

By Christy Parks

advertisingIf you have a health and wellness business or any business for that matter, and you are not advertising – why aren’t you? You may say it’s because you are a ‘referral based business,’ or you only promote your business on social media sites like Facebook. Maybe you haven’t even set aside a budget for advertising and you think it’s too expensive.

Do any of the above apply to you? You may be shooting yourself in the foot and here’s why!

First of all, customers just plain forget. Each day a customer doesn’t hear about your business, is one more day they start hearing about your competitor. People will also often take their time searching for what they need and they are also always moving around. Studies show that 25 % of customers move in and out of your area every year.

Did you notice the new vacuum cleaners in the local paper today? If you need a vacuum cleaner you did, and if not, you probably didn’t give them a second glance. Not everyone is your customer everyday but you need to be there when they are ready to purchase.

What should you do?
Hire a local media buyer! Media buyers possess purchasing power that you as a business owner cannot have on your own and they get lower rates. They know all the aspects of advertising whether it’s TV, Radio, Billboards, Print or Digital. They have relationships with all these advertising avenues and will also help you with behind the scenes support. They take the time to be your contact for all your advertising purposes and to ensure your spending is accurate and efficient. **You in return have time to tend to your business.

Social Chic Marketing specializes in small to medium local businesses and are a ‘one stop shop’ for all your writing and graphic design needs as well. They understand that every marketing budget is different and nine times out of ten, will beat the price of other local marketing companies to save you even more money.

At Social Chic Marketing, you work directly with the owner who always has your best interest at heart. Give them a call today at 636 795 6489 or visit cparks86.wixsite.com/socialmedia

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