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Do You Need to Detox?

Do You Need to DetoxWhen most of us think a ?Detox Program?, visions of huge doses of fiber and having to constantly run to the toilet may come to mind. I like to joke about the old Phil Hartman SNL skit that spoofs Total Oat Bran with an even better fiber cereal, Colon Blow and the ultra powerful Super Colon Blow! In reality, an effective Detox Program could not be further from these misconceived stereotypes. A good detoxification program includes making healthier food choices, eliminating internal and external toxins and supporting the filtering and elimination processes of your body.

You are subject to more toxins than ever before and quite possibly more than your body was designed to handle. Normally, the immune system, liver and kidneys work together to remove toxins at the same rate as they are encountered. When toxin levels are in excess of our body?s capacity to remove them, toxins build up and are stored until they can be removed. We can have toxins stored in our bodies for years without experiencing any negative symptoms, but once the burden of toxins becomes too high, we start to feel ill. We tend to think about toxins coming from environmental sources such as exhaust fumes, solvents and inhalants, but it is important to consider the other numerous, less apparent toxin-producing sources we are exposed to on a daily basis. These include toxins from our lifestyle, toxins created within our bodies (internal toxins) and toxins created from our emotions.

The Role of the Liver in Detoxification
The liver is the main organ of detoxification in our bodies. Every other system in our body is compromised if our liver is not functioning properly. Most of the toxins we are exposed to are fat-soluble and they are attracted to the fatty portion of cells throughout our body. Unfortunately, this attraction allows them to be easily transported into cells where they settle and exert their toxic effects.

Where toxic come from?

Environmental toxins:

  • Polluted air from factories
  • Auto exhaust
  • Solvents (Paint and cleaning products)
  • Heavy metals
  • Pesticides, herbicides, insecticides
  • Radiation
  • Inhalants

Lifestyle Toxins

  • Dietary choices (fast foods, fried foods)
  • Nicotine
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Recreational drugs
  • Prescription and OTC drugs
  • Artificial food additives, colorings and preservatives
  • Refined foods and sugars

Internal toxins

  • Bacterial, yeast, fungal overgrowth
  • By-products of metabolic reactions (such as carbon dioxide, ammonia, hormones)
  • Undigested food
  • Stress
  • Unresolved trauma or abuse
  • Unhappy relationships

These toxins then stay in our system permanently and start to negatively affect various organs: including, liver, colon, kidney, heart, brain, lungs, skin and endocrine system (hormones). A good detoxification program should assist the liver in changing harmful fat-soluble toxins into a water-soluble form so they can be easily eliminated from the system through the kidneys or colon. Supporting healthy detoxification will not only help to accomplish this, but also reduce incoming toxins into the body and boost the liver?s ability to eliminate stored toxins from tissues.

Generally speaking, our liver eliminates toxins through a two-step enzymatic process also known as Phase I and II detoxification (biotransformation) pathways. Specific reactions occur in these two pathways that help breakdown toxins into harmless substances that are easily eliminated. Supporting both phases of liver detoxification with food and nutritional supplements is an essential part of any effective Detox Program.

Why should you detoxify?

To Feel Better
When detoxification and elimination systems of the body are not working at their optimal level they are unable to handle the load of incoming toxins. Symptoms begin as the toxic levels build up in your cells, tissues and organs. Even after day-to-day external exposures are removed toxins remain in our body until they are cleared out. An example of this is if we live near a factory and then decide later on to move to a less polluted town without any factories. Although we have stopped getting the external exposure of factory pollutants, the toxins we were exposed to from the previous factory we lived next to will still be in our body. Just knowing this, imagine the buildup of all the toxins from our environment, lifestyle and stresses that have been stored in our bodies since we were a child. Despite this, there is something you can do about reducing your toxic burden. By supporting both phases of detoxification you can prevent further accumulation of destructive toxins from entering into your body. You will also see a gradual improvement in your symptoms as the stored toxins are released and eliminated through newly efficient detoxification pathways.

To Unmask GI and other Health Problems
The accumulation of toxins can cause your present illness to either intensify, or it can manifest into other signs and symptoms related to ill health (depending on where most of the toxins accumulated in your body). After completing a detoxification program, most of the toxins trapped in your body should clear out. This reduces the symptoms associated with toxin accumulation and gives your healthcare provider a clearer picture of your overall health.

To Maintain Good Health
Like your car that needs periodic oil and filter changes, our bodies need periodic detoxification to clean out all the toxins that have accumulated in our system over the years. If you feel progressively sluggish, tired, achy and run down, maybe it?s time for your ?filter to be cleaned.? Call our office and reserve your spot at our upcoming ?Detox with the Docs? event, Tuesday August 6th from 6:30 to 7:30 at our Clayton location. Space is limited and there is a 20% discount when your register in July. Join us to kick-start your body?s detoxifications process and to learn about our maintenance program for optimal detoxification and continued good health.To Maintain Good Health

Like your car that needs periodic oil and filter changes, our bodies need periodic detoxification to clean out all the toxins that have accumulated in our system over the years. If you feel progressively sluggish, tired, achy and run down, maybe it?s time for your ?filter to be cleaned.? Ask about our 7-Day Detox Kit and the maintenance program for optimal detoxification and continued good health.

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