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Change Your Child From a Couch-Potato To A Soccer Enthusiast!

By Christy Parks

Couch-Potato To A Soccer Enthusiast - St. Louis Health and Wellness MagazineTechnology is here to stay and it has become a permanent part of our lives. But how is it affecting our children today and why should we be concerned? The amount of time that children spend using their computers, cell phones and video games, could be replacing their physical and even their imaginative play. It could also hinder the development of social skills. With that all in place plus the junk food diets and parents who seem to busier than ever before, children seem to be having a harder time staying fit and healthy.

A few ways for you to get your kids off the couch is to plan active family outings such as hiking or bike riding together at local parks or walking paths. Maybe even start a tradition by taking a walk together after a meal. If the weather is bad, set aside one room in the house where your kids can be active. Fill it with balls, hula hoops and other active games and don?t be embarrassed to join in on the fun.

One of the best ways to get kids off the couch is to play a sport like soccer. Soccer not only allows children to run and jump and keep their heart rate up, but it also teaches respectful communication with one another since they have to work closely together. They have to learn to share, come together to meet a common goal and help each other achieve these goals. Soccer also offers a sense of self ? esteem and it involves both a mental challenge and physical movement that a video game or computer could never offer.

If you have a child (K ? 6th grade) and would like to get them off the couch this spring, feel free to register them for Upward Soccer at SunRise UMC Church. Evaluations start February 27th 2016. The first set of games will be April 2nd. Beginners are also encouraged and welcome!

Upward sports is the world?s largest Christian youth sports provider and is uniquely designed to help players grow athletically, spiritually and socially. Contact SunRise UMC at 636 978 2727 or email You can also register at and search for SunRise UMC by zip code 63368.

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