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Celebrating Independence and Freedom

By Denise Pott, LCSW – Assistance Home Care

Celebrating  Independence and FreedomOn the Fourth of July we celebrate our freedom with flags, fireworks, and festivities. For many, this is the only day of the year that we really stop to think about independence, but there are many who celebrate their independence every day. Having independence in moving about, independence in self care, driving, or the ability to remain in their own homes means freedom!

I’m talking about older adults and those with disabilities; people who have come close to losing their freedom due to aging, illness,or disease. Many people experience a long period of recovery when they are unable to do much for themselves. Their future is uncertain. Will they be able to walk again? To return home? To travel, or resume their hobbies? It’s a frightening time for the individual and for their family. They don’t know what will happen, and they just want things to get back to normal. When you boil it down, what they really want is their freedom.

In terms of independence, things can change gradually, or very suddenly. If you or your loved one find that you need help to regain, or to maintain, your independence, Assistance Home Care can provide friendly, qualified caregivers to assist you with things such as bathing, meal preparation, or housekeeping in your home. We can also provide transportation to help you feel a true sense of freedom!

Over time and with a great deal of hard work, many people regain function and get back to “normal”. Often, it’s what we would call a “new normal”. They do regain their independence, but they may not be doing things in exactly the same way as before. They may need to use an assistive device, such as a cane, walker, or wheelchair to get around.

They may need other equipment to help them accomplish the activities of daily living, but they do regain their freedom!

In remaining independent, it’s important to get set up for success. You need someone who can direct you to resources for equipment and devices; most people don’t know what’s available and don’t know how to go about getting what they need. Again, Assistance Home Care can help! We have devices and equipment available, as well as a knowledgable staff, and offer an onsite training center where you can come to try out equipment and get training in its use.

Even better, we have Certified Aging in Place staff, credentialed by the National Home Builders Association, to assess your home for the modifications that can make life easier. After the assessment, we can complete the modifications for you. Regaining your independence may be as simple as adding grab bars in the bathroom, or widening doorways!

Call Assistance Home Care to get set up for independence, and remains safe and in your own home for as long as you like. That way, you can celebrate your independence and freedom every day of the year!

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