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Bursitis Pain?

Bursitis Pain?Do you suffer from joint pain and swelling? Have you been diagnosed with bursitis? Do you feel like no matter what you try, you can never get relief from your symptoms?

New medical advancements may be the answer to eliminate your pain.

Certain factors can make you more susceptible to developing bursitis. Aging makes bursitis more common, but it does not solely affect the older population and can develop at any age. Specific hobbies and occupations contribute to the likelihood of developing bursitis; occupations like carpet or tile installers or hobbies like gardening or playing a musical instrument. Systemic medical disorders can also make bursitis more likely; including gout, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.

There are steps that can be taken to prevent bursitis if you are at higher risk due to hobbies or activities, such as altering lifting habits, taking more frequent breaks or using pads if you must kneel; but these only reduce the risk but cannot fully eliminate the possibility of bursitis developing.

Doctors diagnose bursitis by physical examination, x-rays, ultrasound or MRI or lab tests. X-rays can not diagnose specifically that you are experiencing bursitis, but they can exclude other causes of your discomfort.

Bursitis usually subsides on its own with rest, ice and pain relievers, but not always. If rest doesn’t work your doctor may want to start you on an anti-biotic to be sure that the inflammation is not being caused by an infection. Physical therapy to strengthen the surrounding muscles, cortico-steroid injections, assistive devices and even surgery can be other methods of treatment when rest isn’t enough to reduce the swelling and pain.

Much like arthritis, bursitis can over-diagnosed and patients are told that they are experiencing bursitis when they may have something else causing their symptoms. Thorough examinations and imaging can help determine what is causing your pain as well as why you are not getting relief. These examinations and imaging will help to create the best plan of care for your specific conditions and find the best way to get you relief.

New technology is giving patients another option for the treatment and repair of many conditions that affect the joints, such as bursitis. These procedures are non-surgical, cause minimal discomfort and require little down time after they are performed. Healing is stimulated within the affected joints by isolating the healing properties of a patients’ own body and administering them directly into the joint through injection.

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