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3 Things Nearly Everyone Can Do To Improve Their Allergies

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies like me (tree, grass, or weed pollen)? Then take notes on what we are about to cover and by all means ask me questions. What I will share with you took me over 20 years and a very expensive education to learn. I suppose ?Good things come to those who wait.?

I began my battle with seasonal allergies at a young age like most sufferers. I?m sure you know what I am saying: constant sneezing, itchy watery eyes and scratchy or hoarse throat due to all the MUCOUS!

This lasted a few months out of the year. As much as I enjoyed The Midwest?s Spring and Fall seasons it was dreadful at the same time to struggle for each breath because you are clogged with mucous. Thankfully by the end of this short story you will see what I realized would finally bring me REAL RELIEF.

To combat the symptoms I did exactly what most people, and likely even you yourself, did.

I began sucking down over-the-counter Benadryls. They worked well for a few hours, but often made me more tired.

True … I may have been able to breathe a little better but I would nearly fall asleep during classes in school and could just barely make it through the bad days.

The next ?logical? step I took was to see my physician.
What did the doctor do?
Well you know … what medical doctors most often do … treat the symptoms related to your condition, not the root cause, by writing prescriptions.

Allergy treatment is a prime example of this! You can spend a mint finding out the specific items you are allergic to and then instead of being taught how to change your allergic condition and eliminate your allergy you are given a drug to suppress symptoms.

Do you think this allows you to get better or slowly get worse while you are enjoying mild to moderate relief? It?s a ?Bait & Switch? tactic that makes fat pockets for med/pharma and we just accept their ?recommendations? instead of taking a minute to consider if it makes sense. But don?t give up on me yet … thankfully solutions were in my future!

So … back to our story. Of course, following information distributed by the pharmaceutical company … my doctor prescribed the advertising darling of the time … Dimetapp.

It didn?t work for me. At all.

Next prescription: Claritin.

It worked better than Dimetapp, but not well enough to make me very happy about sucking down the drug each day.

Back to the doctor for the next ?something better.?
I went through the ?appropriate medical regimen? over these years moving on to the latest greatest drugs of Allegra and Zyrtec all sounding super promising and high-tech (best marketing money can buy)!

Even though I didn?t like that I was taking drugs every day Zyrtec worked for me about as well as Benadryl but for a longer and with less tiredness.

Since it worked decently for the few months of the year I needed it I stuck with that one for quite a few years.

Then at age 22 I moved to Missouri and was told by my doctor ?Good luck because Missouri is awful for allergies!?

I felt almost as if I never had taken allergy medicine. I mean what had I been doing for all these years. What had all this time, thought and money produced? All my symptoms were back. Red, itchy eyes, itchy skin, constant sneezing and runny nose.

I am certain of 2 explanations for this:

1) The whole popular philosophy on treating allergies is designed only to sell and keep you buying products not teach you how to understand and reduce allergies.

2) When you use the drug method you are flooding your body with just enough chemicals to override your body?s processes. Simply put then a doctors only choice is more and more of the same as your body adapts to having the chemical present and it loses its effectiveness.

You can imagine my frustration when I decided the evidence was just too great that I was going in circles … caught in the run-around. I sat down to think this through and realized something. It seemed so unbelievably simple that it gave me that tight excited feeling in my chest.

Some of you careful readers may already have figured out what I understood at that moment because I have already mentioned it in this article!

The real way to handle allergies

  • What happens when you injure your ankle?
  • How about when you get cut, scraped or get bit by a bug?
  • What happens if we come into contact with a harmful chemical?

One common process our body uses in all these scenarios is your first line of defense … INFLAMMATION.

Allergy Test - Delta Spinal CareWe will use the image with blue liquid in a glass to demonstrate what I figured out was my problem. Let?s say that the blue fluid represents your specific individual seasonal or otherwise inconsistent allergens that cause you grief. See your body is like the glass … When it gets too much outside irritation poured into it you can be sure it overflows with symptoms (imagine pouring 10 glasses of water into one.) These symptoms have the job of notifying you there is too much foreign irritants in your body.
So if you are like the glass on the left you still have a large capacity available to your body to handle additional sources of inflammation and … no symptoms. However if you are already starting with the glass half-full, like the glass on the right, and then pour in the blue water you have a significantly smaller capacity for allergens and … viola are more likely to get allergy symptoms before the next person.

Doesn?t it make sense that when your body is overflowing with inflammation you would REMOVE something rather than add more drugs?

Now admittedly there are a number of reasons I find people have chronic inflammation. Although, I don?t have the space to discuss all details here, I will give you some main ideas plus access to further resources on the Internet. The basic point is you have to clean your body out and get rid of the everyday irritation and inflammation so your body can handle the seasonal or otherwise inconsistent allergens with less misery!

Ridding yourself of chronic inflammation

  • One of the top ways to rid yourself of excess toxins which breed inflammation is by a detoxifying cleanse (there are many types and they do not all do the same thing. http://deltaspinalcare.com/detoxify.html) See our bodies accumulate preservatives, pesticides and other synthetic toxic substances in small quantities so we don?t notice it day to day. But when we have accumulated enough … watch out.
  • Another major culprit in this scenario is when your body?s fluid becomes chronically acidic. This causes non-stop inflammation. This problem is created by what we choose to eat and drink and such things as smoking and medications.
  • The third most common reason for chronic inflammation is poor sugar handling in a person?s body. Sugar once ingested can create mild to moderate inflammation for up to 72 hours. It can be very confusing when you feel bad 1-2 days after ?something you ate.? Reduce or eliminate your sugar and you will reduce your inflammation.

In consultations I hear from patients that the onset of symptoms is confusing because ?I didn?t do anything different. It just happened.? Well that?s exactly the problem because finally the consistency of eating the same toxic food, using the same toxic products at home or work and living or working around unhealthy environments catches up with us and one day we all of a sudden get sick because we can?t accumulate any more!

The number of products on the market that contribute to our inflammation and allergies are numerous as are the wide array of choices for reversing them. By all means try to remove as many offending items from your daily life on your own. Just remember often the chemical mess our bodies are left in could use a helping hand.

For more information or to fill out our online Allergy Symptom Questionnaire go to http://deltaspinalcare.com/allergies.html.

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