April 19, 2014 - Saturday
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    New Technologies in the Treatment of Discogenic Pain

    Back pain can result from many sources. One reason is damage to the intervertebral disc. The interve...

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    Concussions in Sports: What You Can Do To Protect Your Child

    A Concussion is an injury that alters brain function, it is typically a head-neck injury and may or ...

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    The Clavicle or “Collar Bone” is one of the most commonly injured bones in the body. It is often inj...

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    Repair and Renew with IPL Skin Rejuvenation

    What happens to our skin as we age? Starting around age 25, our skin’s natural regenerative pr...

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    New Breakthrough in Treating ADD/ADHD

    By Drs. Jen and Jason Rhodes - Your son can build a working simple circuit, but he can’t seem to get...

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    Alcohol and Pregnancy

    By Shanon A. Forseter, MD, OB-GYN If you are pregnant and take a drink – a glass of wine, a be...

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